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Ink Impressions by The Rug Company

The Rug Company has introduced a new collection of six handknotted rugs that examine the fluidity, transparency and versatile form of ink through bold and graphic designs. Taking inspiration from natural iconic landforms of North America the collection represents a combination of unique design and organic lines that reflect colours uniquely found in the natural world.



Caldera takes inspiration from Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park, the intense colours depict the depths and heat of the water as it cracks the lands surface. The soft warm motif meanders gently across the silken yarns of the rug encompassing bright bands of orange, green and blue water springs, that shimmer to create the illusion of movement



Cove is inspired by the free-flowing waters of the McWay Falls as it enters and exits the narrow and restricted coastal inlets that shape the Big Sur coastline in California. The design focuses on the swell of water as it cascades over rock forms and pools. Crafted from the finest silk to create a fusion of deep hues of blue ranging from cobalt to the depths of midnight blue.

Mesa Powder

Mesa Steel


Mesa studies the delicate and intricate patterns found on the undulating rock formations in the Canyonlands of Southwestern America. 



Alpine is inspired by the picturesque Canadian mountain ranges of Alberta and emulates the swift and silky movement of snow avalanching down from the snowcapped peaks. The striking white motif cascades and disperses across the sumptuous handknotted Tibetan wool soft grey background, creating a delicate three dimensional effect.



Plateau draws inspiration from Monument Valley in Arizona, where the linear dispersal of the rocky elevated landforms rise sharply above the surrounding area. The bold silk lines are masterfully crafted to create a layered effect against a background of handknotted Tibetan wool.

Each rug is meticulously handknotted from exceptional wool and silk by The Rug Company’s master craftsmen in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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