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Mahjong by Neisha Crosland
Mahjong by Neisha Crosland

Mahjong by Neisha Crosland

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Mahjong takes its design cues from antique playing boards, as well as referencing the elegant and glamorous interiors of casinos such as Aspells and The Casino Royale. The design is handknotted in Tibetan wool in a smoky palette of soft pewter and pebble greys. “At the time my son had been playing poker tournaments at university, so this turned my attention to game boards and made me think about casinos, James Bond and the Casino Royale. My stepfather used to love playing the tables at Aspinalls, and sometimes he would take us there and try to make just enough money to then go upstairs for dinner. The atmosphere in the room was so electric and sexy, yet serious and also very glamorous.”
Price Band: 7
Craftsmanship: Handknotted Tibetan wool
Technique: cut pile